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Empower your organization to achieve excellence with Vytal’s Capital Planning module

Vytal enables organizations to see a full financial picture of all their capital projects in a single location and helps execute the capital plan and investments your organization needs to be successful. Streamline processes, optimize resources, and drive success in all your capital project initiatives.

Coordinate any Capital Program

Regardless of size or scope, you can define any capital project with our flexible module – from an asset replacement project to a large construction project. Improve visibility by centrally managing purchase orders, contracts, schedules, budgets, and more for each project. Drive momentum by leveraging our pre-defined and customizable template to track project phases and milestones. See where you’re saving or losing time by comparing a current schedule to forecasted schedule snapshots. As you work, our digital repository automatically saves your documents associated with each initiative, so project history is always right at hand.
Organizations with strategic capital planning processes report up to a 25% increase in project success rates.

What You Need, When You Need It

Eliminate inefficiencies by allocating resources – including personnel, equipment, and materials – to capital projects based on availability and demand. This allocation ensures optimal resource utilization and minimizes downtime by aligning resources with project requirements.

Full Financial Insight

Use our platform to create detailed capital budgets and forecasts, track expenditures and predict future funding requirements. Improve financial planning and decision-making by accurately forecasting capital expenditures and avoiding budget overruns. Take advantage of our pre-defined cost curves or customize them to your needs. And leverage our standardized cost code and sub-cost code structure for detailed reporting and comparisons across similar projects. Our invoice management features the tracking of actualized spending across different reports. With a flexible invoice management process, you can track invoices across the lifecycle of a project.
Organizations with effective budgeting and forecasting processes achieve up to a 20% reduction in capital project costs.

See How Well You’re Doing

You’ll always know exactly where things stand when you monitor the progress and performance of capital projects in real-time. See the relationship between real spend versus the budget by generating comprehensive reports and dashboards. Enable informed decision-making and accountability with enhanced visibility and transparency across the organization.
Identify and assess risks associated with capital projects and respond with mitigation strategies to minimize potential impacts. We help you proactively manage project risks to avoid delays, cost overruns, and operational disruptions
Real-time performance monitoring generates up to a 40% improvement in project delivery timelines.

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