Empower data-driven decisions to reduce consumption and costs, optimize usage, and meet sustainability goals

Aggregate Utility Data
Analyze Costs
Automate Emissions Intelligence
Plan for the Future
of global greenhouse gas emissions come from infrastructure
of emissions in US buildings come from the purchase of electricity
of US domestic greenhouse gas emissions come from the healthcare sector

Automate to Illuminate Consumption

Moving away from slow, laborious manual processes is an important part of moving towards a more sustainable future. Our platform captures your utility data and puts it in one convenient place to compare across assets. It also automatically converts that data to greenhouse gas emissions for environmental reporting and sustainability goal setting. You can view and aggregate utility costs and intensity of usage and conduct comparisons at regional, state, and facility levels.

Gain Insights to Optimize Energy Usage

To better manage your energy use, you first need visibility into where that energy is being expended. The platform reveals which assets are energy, water, and waste intensive by conducting comparisons that reveal outliers and pinpoint problems – so you can optimize performance. You can also compare energy, water and waste consumption rates over time by tracking and visualizing facilities’ consumption trends.


Utilizing the Greenhouse Gas Protocol we can automatically calculate your carbon emissions from utilities to better understand the environmental impact of your portfolio. Gaining insight into your portfolio’s energy usage, water usage, and waste production can help you benchmark, set goals, and report on your organization’s sustainability progress.

Reduce Emissions and Costs

When it comes to reducing your environmental impact, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. The more high-quality information you have, the better decisions you can make. The platform equips you to strategically analyze utilities across your portfolio – so you can proactively plan and transform facility operations to reduce costs and catalyze emission reductions. We help you meet your decarbonization goals by identifying outliers in usage and cost.

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