Sustainable Environment

Adapt in Real Time

Increasingly, the climate and climate-related events are becoming real-time management issues for businesses – especially in a healthcare industry essential to the well-being of people and communities everywhere. Many factors impact not only the bottom line but the expectations and experiences you deliver to your customers, and to your own people. Has the likelihood of catastrophic storm damage increased? Does an over-taxed power grid threaten the continuity of your operations? How effectively are you managing your own environmental impact? What risks have you not foreseen?

Our deep expertise in energy management and civil engineering has informed how we’ve designed and built our platform. The result is critical intelligence and insight into your core assets, how vulnerable they are, how to protect them, and how to incorporate the right solutions into your preventive maintenance roadmap. You get a robust set of tools that enhance the performance of your workforce, reduce the cost of maintenance and prepare you to proactively address changing and often adverse conditions.

what you can do

  • Weatherization management
  • Decarbonization Planning
  • Emissions Intelligence
  • Energy Management
  • Asset Optimization

how you can benefit

  • Realize more cost saving per quarter by increasing energy management initiatives within facilities
  • Increase cost savings in utilization and resilience against adverse weather anomalies by developing a strategy for efficient decarbonization planning
  • Optimize buildings to increase revenue through better patient outcomes and staff retention
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