Facility Asset Management

Adopt intelligent facility maintenance and optimize every aspect of your operations.


Health Care

Maximize Asset Lifespan

Improve Environment of Care

Assure Regulatory Compliance

Save Time with Process Automation 

Unify Mobile and Web Platforms

Cost Savings
Achieve cost savings of up to 15% on maintenance and repair expenses by implementing preventive maintenance practices and optimizing equipment usage
Extended Asset Lifespan
Experience a 25% decrease in equipment breakdowns and premature failures, leading to an average extension of asset lifespan by 15% to 25%
Increased Facility Efficiency
30% improvement in facility maintenance efficiency, resulting in reduced downtime and increased operational productivity

Classify your assets with a smarter inventory system

Our three-tiered asset classification system supports automated maintenance scheduling with over 1,500 recommendations to streamline equipment maintenance – maximizing asset life and sustaining the overall health of the asset.
Easily view work order history and status for regulatory reporting, troubleshooting and maintenance history.
You also get a single repository of historical KPIs and maintenance schedules, so you can track each asset over time.

Keep essential systems up and running

Our platform prepares you to address priorities that will ultimately improve your environment of care.
View all your data insights in one place to start optimizing your facility operations. Quickly create, assign, complete, and cancel work orders from one place. Vytal’s grouping and bulk action functionality allows you to easily manage high volume work orders. You can group your assets to update and complete similar preventative maintenance work orders with just one click. Assign your preventative maintenance schedules to a technician so work orders generated will automatically be assigned in the future.
Vytal leverages the power of IoT sensors to gain real-time insights into your equipment health and auto-generate work orders when anomalies are detected. Through continuous monitoring and early intervention, we can help you optimize maintenance schedules, minimize reactive repairs, and ensure the smooth operation of your essential systems.

Adopt best practices and be confident about compliance

With the Vytal platform, the promise of “proactive not reactive” is finally realized – preparing you to address any potential regulatory issues before an audit occurs.  
Once you’ve added assets into the Vytal platform, simply complete the mock compliance survey in the regulatory module. From there, you’re prompted to generate work orders related to any findings of non-compliance.
Track your compliance progress via our regulatory summary and stay ahead of the curve for auditing and compliance, based on the Joint Commission and DNV standards.  

Increase productivity and lighten your load

The platform gets you up and working at full capacity, fast. Prioritize work orders so you can optimize your resources and make your maintenance teams more productive.  
Our Mobile App puts Vytal directly into the hands of your techs so they can document where and when the work is done.    Maintenance teams benefit from a unique interactive walkthrough and reference guide. It’s built directly into the platform and updates as you navigate – so you have the tools you need to master the platform.  

Keeping you ready – always

Vytal is always advancing, so there are new opportunities for you to take advantage of at every stage.  
Our data science team has created models to rank the criticality of each of your assets and help you with resource allocation to balance the workloads of your technicians. The advanced intelligence of our platform provides decision support to help you stay ahead of the maintenance curve and be more forward-looking with your operational decisions. 
And of course, when you need one-on-one support, our customer success team is there to take your call – We’re invested in your success.  

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