Regulatory & Compliance

Maximize asset life; minimize risk.

Health Care

Track Compliance Tasks
Stay Ahead of Deadlines
Mitigate Risks
Manage Compliance Readiness
Organizations using CMMS for compliance management report up to a 20% improvement in compliance rates.

Our users experience a 30% reduction in audit preparation time.


Our users report a 15% reduction in compliance-related documentation errors.

Avoid Surprises with Compliance Tracking

The healthcare regulatory environment is constantly changing, and we help make sure you know what’s coming. Our system integrates with the Joint Commission and DNV to ensure you have the latest regulatory standards and the ability to preview upcoming updates. You can stay in the know while on the go with our platform: It enables anytime, anywhere management of compliance tasks, while robust data security measures safeguard sensitive regulatory information. And you’re able to create facility corrective work orders in a click for applicable findings – and track progress on them to monitor compliance real time.

Mock Surveys Help you Stay Ahead of Audits

Practice is the best preparation. We offer 5 types of regulatory evaluation templates to help you prepare ahead of time for upcoming agency audits. These cover comprehensive regulatory evaluation, behavioral health audit, life safety, and documentation readiness. While you do rounds of your facilities, you can enter your findings for a selected location or regulatory standard on your laptop or tablet. When combined with our Asset Life Cycle module, work orders are automatically generated based on findings – so you’re already ahead of the curve.

Manage your Documentation in a Centralized, Digital Repository

Having all the relevant information on hand is key to knowing where you stand. Our platform enables the centralized documentation of accreditation certifications, permits, licenses, and other compliance-related documents – all for easy access and verification. Our repository offers a pre-defined folder structure and is available online to ensure 24/7 access. Say goodbye to physical binders and manual paperwork and lighten the load of staying compliant.

Simplify Regulatory Reporting

Our platform takes the wrinkles out of reporting – making it easy to generate accurate and timely executive and operational reports on maintenance activities and compliance status. Benefit from the system designed to simplify regulatory reporting requirements for healthcare institutions.

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