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A platform that changes what's possible

Vytal elevates facility management by extending asset lifespan, ensuring regulatory adherence, streamlining capital projects, and championing sustainability. But the true power of our platform is how it helps you improve the environment of care – ensuring the comfort, safety and productivity of your spaces for everyone.

Every day, executives and facility managers in healthcare and education work wonders. You battle the chronic industry conditions of rising costs, aging infrastructure, competing demands for capital, regulatory compliance, safety and more. Often with antiquated tools, you manage to keep clinical and educational settings running smoothly for patients, students and others.
Now there is a powerful platform to help you do more, even as the pressures continue to increase.

Picture assets that aren’t just “on” but optimized. Vytal is the data sciences partner that delivers a powerful platform designed to meet the complex needs of your facilities.

The Vytal platform gives you the integrated tools and support you need to enhance the economic and physical health of your buildings. And that means better outcomes for all who use them.