Digitize to Optimize

Work Order Management

Keeping essential systems up and running.

Minimizing downtime while maximizing maintenance budgets. Ensuring completion in a timely manner. Making sure the right people, parts and processes are in place. Coordinating a host of moving targets. And doing it all so seamlessly that clinicians, patients and other stakeholders notice nothing except a smoothly functioning environment. This is the work order management conundrum that Vytal helps to solve.

By digitizing your facility maintenance, we equip you to optimize the work order process. Our solution is focused on providing real time insights that power your assets lifecycle. That means you know what you need when and where it counts. The advanced intelligence of our platform helps you streamline equipment maintenance and drive efficient facility operations by being proactive rather than a reactive. With timely equipment monitoring you’re able to stay ahead of the preventive maintenance curve and be forward-looking with your business decisions.

what you can do

  • Digitize Facility Management
  • Optimize Assets
  • Gain Real Time Data Insights
  • Streamline Equipment Maintenance
  • Optimize Facility Operations
  • Conduct Realtime Equipment Monitoring

how you can benefit

  • Reduce remediation costs
  • Increase efficiency of facilities operations
  • Enhance accuracy of risk assessment for quality standards and rebates

Work Order Management

Stay a step ahead in your assets lifecycle by digitizing your facility maintenance and tapping real-time insights that keep you proactive rather than reactive.
Better align budgets with spend, optimizing your resources with centralized digital documentation and applied analytics.
Adapt to a changing climate by better understanding how to protect your core assets, while being compliant with an emerging regulatory landscape.
Be confident with compliance in life safety and environment of care, by shifting to a digital platform that ensures a constant state of readiness.